Chris Levine – Kate Moss, She’s Light, Laser 3
15 February 2018


Renowned for his work with lights, laser and holography, Chris Levine has built a cult following with his iconic portraits of some of the most photographed women of all time: Queen Elizabeth II, Grace Jones, and Kate Moss, as presented here. Thanks to Levine’s deft handling of lenticular printing, we are presented with an overall sensory experience and visual offering of the supermodel that has more in common with an art historical muse than one of fashion and celebrity that dominates our pop culture. Kate Moss radiates a calm and stillness that dominates her languid eroticism here, which is usually the prevailing motif in representations of her. In a pose reminiscent of a classical bust, surrounded by a myriad of colours and flooded by light, this work is both an homage to classical emblems in art and a veneration to the technical advances in art that allow us to experience art in new ways.


“There’s a spirit in Kate that seems to have struck a chord with so many.
To take her beauty and translate it into light as image was what I set out to do. Given all the images that have ever been made if her, I needed to take it beyond beauty and somewhere deeper. Her true beauty is within and that’s what I hope is projected in the form of light.”