7.83 Hertz: An Immersive Light Installation

Sponsored by Blue Marine Foundation and Convex Seascape Survey
June 5, 2024


Chris Levine is pleased to announce the opening of his latest exhibition 7.83 Hertz, sponsored by Blue Marine Foundation and Convex Seascape Survey. To coincide with his immersive, multisensory artwork 7.83 Hertz, Levine is releasing two new works. Inspired by his reflections on the mysterious superpowers of the ocean, Let it Be and Sea Light will be unveiled on the opening night on Wednesday 5th June.


In an exciting collaboration for World Ocean Day 2024, Chris Levine was invited by ocean conservation charity the Blue Marine Foundation to visit the Convex Seascape Survey – a pioneering collaboration of scientists exploring the soft-sediment ecosystems that proliferate on the coastal ocean floor. An ecological region know as the Benthic Zone, its name comes from ancient Greek, βένθος (bénthos), meaning “the depths.”


Much of Levine’s practice centres on the exploration of light as a tool for questioning perception and as a vehicle for bringing viewers into a deeper awareness. In 7.83 Hertz, Chris Levine Studio invites viewers in the basement of our Mayfair studio, where the individual is immersed in an atmospheric zone of blue light and haze, intersected by two light works, the blipverts. The blue ‘water line’ sited around the totality of the space, is designed to create a sense of being beneath the waves. Under this, viewers will experience imagery ‘swimming’ in and out of their field of vision and activating their subconscious awareness for this little-known submarine world.


Meanwhile, the viewer is bathed in a soundscape, made from recordings by Levine at his studio on the water with longtime collaborator Marco Perry. Composed of binaural beats, the work was created by slowing the sound of the ocean down, then layering sounds over this, including a frequency from the Solfeggio scale which acts as a constant baseline throughout.


“The crucial role of the ocean in climate mitigation and marine biodiversity is often overlooked. Following a visit to the Convex Seascape Survey research laboratories, I knew my work had to encourage humankind to let the ocean rest. Sound is the sense with which we see underwater, so I have chosen a frequency 7.83Hertz, from the Schumann resonance, also referred to as the heart-beat of Mother Nature. Through this you will feel the pulse of the continuous work of the ocean, but it encourages you to slow down and celebrate its ability to protect us now and in generations to come.”


– Chris Levine


7.83 Hertz
6th June – 5th July, 2024
By Appointment Only

Chris Levine Studio
5a Shepherd Street
London, W1J 7HW


To receive a catalogue of available works please email us at

LiveArt x Chris Levine

Chris Levine's Inaugural NFT Collection: Icons
January 29, 2024


On Wednesday, January 31st, Chris Levine is set to unveil his inaugural NFT collection, Icons. Developed in collaboration with LiveArt, this collection showcases some of the iconic portraits from Chris’ illustrious career, featuring luminaires such as Banksy, Kate Moss and Sir Paul Smith.


Icons comprises of 500 uniquely generated NFT artworks, each accompanied by a signed fine art print. Within the collection you will have the opportunity to win one of three quintessential Chris Levine prints, especially made for the launch of the Icons collection. This release represents an evolution in Chris’ journey as a light artist as he embarks on a new form of expression through the Web3 platform.


In line with our commitment to positive community impact, Chris Levine and LiveArt have pledged to donate a portion of the sales to The Trussell Trust. This contribution will support ongoing efforts to combat hunger and poverty in the UK.


Creatively integrating data, art, and Web3 technology, LiveArt establishes a sustainable digital art market for artists that consistently delivers multi-million dollar sell-outs and has cultivated a robust community of over a million digital art enthusiasts.


To learn more about the collection and LiveArt, click here.

English Heritage Trust x Chris Levine

December 21, 2023


On December 21st, Chris Levine unveils two new limited edition prints in collaboration with the English Heritage Trust to celebrate the Winter Solstice.


Titled Stoned 2 and Stoned 3, the artworks celebrate the mystery and allure of the iconic Stonehenge site in all of its glory. Printed on matte archival paper and signed by the artist, the signed and editioned prints are available directly from the Stonehenge Shop and the Stonehenge Visitor Centre.


Artworks details:
Stoned 2 and Stoned 3, 2023
Digital Print
420 x 297 mm
Edition of 1000 + 25 APs
Click here to acquire.

Chris Levine at Museo Gran Vía 15

December 15, 2023


On December 15th, Chris Levine’s opens his first-ever solo show in Spain at the Museo Gran Vía 15 in Madrid. Selected Works of a Visionary is a panoramic exhibition presenting the multidisciplinary essence of the artist’s work to this day. From the portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth, Lightness of Being, to the more recent series Geometry of Truth, viewers are led through an immersive and super sensory experience discovering the hypervisual work of Chris Levine.


 “My work revolves around light, whether it’s installations, portraits or image making. The common factor is light as energy and its use to bring about a meditative state.
– Chris Levine


Chris Levine: Selected Works of a Visionary runs until April 7th, 2024. Click here to buy your tickets.

Molecule of Light at Noor Riyadh 2023

November 28, 2023


This week, Chris Levine will have the honour of unveiling his artwork Molecule of Light as an exhibiting artist for Noor Riyadh 2023: the largest light art festival in the world. In the third edition of this impressive showcase, this citywide spectacle promises to bathe Riyadh in a glow of large-scale light art, captivating building projections, performances, and beyond in five hubs across the city.


From November 30th to December 16th, viewers are invited to witness and interact with Levine’s larger-than-life sculpture which will be on display in An Noor Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of the festival.


While previously exhibited at Houghton Hall, Levine’s enhanced Molecule of Light for Noor Riyadh, incorporating its transducer sound beam speaker system and a site-specific laser program that interacts with the desert’s open space topography. Levine’s work pushes the boundaries of art and sound, engaging both the site and the viewer in a multisensory experience that widens the bandwidth of perception. The artist seeks to guide visitors into a transient meditative state that evokes positivity and a sense of well-being through the interplay of solfeggio sound and the pure frequencies of laser light.


With a meteorite positioned at its center, Molecule of Light will be configured to ley lines over the landscape of Wadi Hanifa, while external laser scanners synchronize with the planet’s rotation. The sphere emits sound signals on the solfeggio scale, modulating frequencies that can affect your bio-electric state, by being in correspondence with sacred geometry and the body’s chakras.


Chris Levine 2023 Studio Opening

September 26, 2023


On the occasion of this latest rehang at his London studio, Chris Levine has curated a selection of works, some of which will be made available to collectors for the first time.


From his internationally acclaimed portraits of iconic British figures to more recent pieces such as Stoned, recently highlighted in the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, and for which the RA have commissioned a poem inspired by the piece, the studio edit demonstrates the meditative and emotional power of Levine’s work.


The artist is currently developing art born out of the mysteries of Stonehenge. A new series of prints will be released via English Heritage on the winter Equinox in December. It’s widely believed, but little understood, that Stonehenge and other megalithic sites had an impact on human consciousness at particular times of the cosmic calendar and that somehow the stones amplified the flux fields of earth energy to benefit those who tuned into it. Continually redefining the boundaries of contemporary art, his work has become celebrated and recognised around the world.


We hope to see you at this special evening on Tuesday, September 26th. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at



June 13, 2023


On June 13th, Chris Levine unveiled a new artwork at the Royal Academy of Arts as part of the highly anticipated 2023 Summer Exhibition.


Titled ‘Stoned’ (2023), the artwork celebrates the mystery and allure of this iconic monument and is the first of a series of prints to be released by the artist this year. Created with metallic ink and diamond dust, the editioned screenprint is available directly from the Royal Academy. Learn more about the exhibition and book your tickets here.


Chris Levine Unveils New Work: Queen Elizabeth II / 1926-2022

May 31, 2023


On Wednesday, May 31st, Chris Levine unveiled a new edition at Sotheby’s London. The artwork, titled “Queen Elizabeth II / 1926-2022,” is a unique rendition stemming from Levine’s 2004 portrait of the Queen, which was commissioned by the States of Jersey. The hand-coloured piece was initially intended for release during the year of the Platinum Jubilee but was withheld following the passing of Her Majesty. It was to have been gifted to the Queen last year along with the artist’s portrait of Frankel, her favourite racehorse.

You can now view this stunning work at Sotheby’s London in Mayfair from May 30th until June 13th. Appearing alongside the Portraits of Chatsworth exhibition on loan from the Devonshire collection, the work will be showcased next to some of the great Dutch, British, and Italian masters including Rembrandt, Reynolds and Veronese. Take a look at the Sotheby’s website to view the artwork and learn more about its history here.


Employing an innovative print technique, the artwork utilises a sequence of stereographic frames positioned behind the latest lenticular lens to produce a colour 3D image of this seminal work. This creation stands as one of the finest examples ever made of this technology and has extraordinary depth.


The edition is set at 96 with one piece for each year of Her Majesty’s life.


This is the first time the work has been shown to the public and is now offered exclusively by Sotheby’s as the final rendition from this historic body of work.


Chris Levine Reveals New Artwork with Sir Elton John

March 17, 2023


This past weekend, artist Chris Levine unveiled his latest work: a 3D light portrait of Sir Elton John which debuted at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars 2023 Party in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.


Titled “Rocketman,” this breathtaking lenticular lightbox serves as the perfect celebration to Elton’s closing tour. The artwork, an edition of 12, was officially unveiled at the auction on Sunday night and sold for an impressive $100,000.


Congratulations to Chris Levine and Sir Elton John on this incredible achievement!


Release of Equanimity_2022

May 31, 2022


In celebration of Her Royal Highness becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after a phenomenal 70 years of service, light artist Chris Levine has created a new series of works after revisiting the images he captured of the Queen almost 20 years ago.


New York Times x Chris Levine

September 9, 2022


Chris Levine speaks to the New York Times for their latest feature: “Artists discuss how they turned the queen into an icon.”


“Looking back, it was quite surreal,” Levine said in an interview in February. “I was trying to get beyond the persona of the queen, through to the essence of her being,” he recalled of his meetings with the monarch. “That’s where the real beauty is.”


Levine’s methods may be unorthodox, but they produced several celebrated images of the queen, particularly “Lightness of Being,” which depicts her with her eyes closed, as if caught in a moment of spiritual reflection.


Read the full article here.



Artnet x Chris Levine

November 9, 2022


Levine was interviewed by Annika Olsen of Artnet for their latest article: “Artist Chris Levine on How He Turned a Portrait Session With Queen Elizabeth II Into an Iconic Photograph.” In it, they discuss his historic portrait commission of Queen Elizabeth II, what he’s working on now, and the potential for another royal commission.


Read the full conversation here.



Chris Levine at Houghton Hall 

22 October – 23 December 2021 


Houghton Hall in Norfolk is set to be transformed by a major solo exhibition of contemporary British artist, Chris Levine, “528 Hz Love Frequency.”


Marking the inaugural winter show in the historic grounds of this prestigious art venue, this exhibition running between 22 October and 23 December 2021 is proudly sponsored by Sotheby’s and will feature a series of new holographic artworks, print works and large immersive laser and LED installations. This is a body of new work created specifically for the unique environs of the house and grounds. Each distinctive work is characteristic of Levine’s unique and cutting-edge work with the meditative and immersive properties of light and sound.


Chris Levine: Be Light at Sotheby’s

5 September - 17 September 2019


From 5–17 September, Sotheby’s will present “Chris Levine: Be Light,” a specially curated capsule selection of 6 iconic works by the renowned light artist, Chris Levine. The work will be shown at Sotheby’s, New Bond Street, as a unique exhibition in conjunction with the much-anticipated autumn edition of the Made in Britain Sale.


“Chris Levine: Be Light” will present two entirely unique artworks, including the large “Lightness of Being (Blue)”–the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which has been identified as one of the most iconic images of the 21st century. In addition, the unique “Parabolic 1.3” will be shown alongside supreme portraits of Kate Moss and “Banksy(3D),” an innovative LED Blipvert sculpture, and a stunning set of 3 crystal silkscreen crosses.


Fortnum’s X Chris Levine

30 April - 6 June 2019


This May, Fortnum & Mason is pleased to present a unique curation of multidisciplinary works by pioneering British artist, Chris Levine from 30 April until June 2019. Levine will showcase a selection of his best known pieces, spanning his acclaimed portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Moss and Paul Smith, to more recent experimental light works and unique silkscreen Cross Prints.


To celebrate the launch of Fortnum’s X Chris Levine, the artist will be joined by Tim Marlow–Artistic Director of The Royal Academy–for an evening of conversation at Fortnum & Mason’s on Tuesday, May 14th. The creative duo will discuss Levine’s multidisciplinary career to date as well as forthcoming projects underway for 2019. Refreshments will be served and there will be a Q&A opportunity with Chris Levine and Tim Marlow following the discussion. Tickets are available to book online. 


Chris Levine & Elton John Aids Foundation 2018

December 4, 2018


Levine’s seminal work raises $270k for Elton Johns Foundation EJAF in Hollywood. One of the sought after experimental series of screen prints using fluorescent dye and diamond dust.


Inner Deep Space at Park Village Studios

2nd October - 9th October 2018


Chris Levine is set to launch “Inner [Deep] Space,” a new immersive sensory installation during Frieze London. This October sees the launch o fInner [Deep] Space, a series of experiential light and sound works by celebrated multidisciplinary artist, Chris Levine. The exhibition at Park Village Studios will be Levine’s largest artist-led solo exhibition to date. 


The upcoming exhibition at Park Village Studios, one of Regent Park’s most historic venues, just minutes walk from the entrance to Frieze Masters, will present some twenty works, spanning installation, light, and print. The show will be centered around the title piece, “Inner [Deep] Space,” a large-scale installation that will immerse the audience as they enter the show space. Chris Levine aims to transport visitors into a meditative realm through super-sensory light fields and laser projection, alongside his distinctive three-dimensional portraiture and laser-etched works on paper.



Chris Levine – Kate Moss, She’s Light, Laser 3
15 February 2018


Renowned for his work with lights, laser and holography, Chris Levine has built a cult following with his iconic portraits of some of the most photographed women of all time: Queen Elizabeth II, Grace Jones, and Kate Moss, as presented here. Thanks to Levine’s deft handling of lenticular printing, we are presented with an overall sensory experience and visual offering of the supermodel that has more in common with an art historical muse than one of fashion and celebrity that dominates our pop culture. Kate Moss radiates a calm and stillness that dominates her languid eroticism here, which is usually the prevailing motif in representations of her. In a pose reminiscent of a classical bust, surrounded by a myriad of colours and flooded by light, this work is both an homage to classical emblems in art and a veneration to the technical advances in art that allow us to experience art in new ways.


“There’s a spirit in Kate that seems to have struck a chord with so many.
To take her beauty and translate it into light as image was what I set out to do. Given all the images that have ever been made if her, I needed to take it beyond beauty and somewhere deeper. Her true beauty is within and that’s what I hope is projected in the form of light.”


Chris Levine at Glastonbury

20 June 2016


A performance of Philip Glass’s Heroes Symphony accompanied by a sonic laser performance by light artist Chris Levine will take place at midnight on Saturday. 


Glastonbury will stage ‘a spectacular headline performance and musical extravaganza celebrating the life of David Bowie’ on The Park Stage immediately after Adele’s headline slot. “With the added genius of laser virtuoso Chris Levine creating a visual counterpoint to Glass’s luminescent textures, this will be the most extraordinary sound and vision ever witnessed at Glastonbury,” says the orchestra conductor, Charles Hazlewood. 


Chris Levine’s Angel Presence at the Danish Church

13 October 2015


While at Regent’s Park for the Frieze art fair in London this week, be sure to check out the Danish Church across the way, where a unique light and sound installation by Chris Levine is on view in the nave. The immersive work, “Angel Presence,” was done in collaboration with Nadja Swarovski especially for Frieze Week.


As an artist, Levine is interested in how light can manifest a transformative experience. Using a pure laser light shot through a group of specially-created Swarovski crystals, he creates a changing, multi-colored light pattern that will cause a viewers to see the outline of an angel in their peripheral vision.


Light Exhibition: Singapore

January 9, 2014


Collectors Contemporary is proud to present the first-ever solo show in Singapore by the revolutionary artist Chris Levine. This dynamic and immersive exhibition explores the continuous elemental force that runs through Levine’s practice – Light.


Chris Levine: Light at the Fine Art Society

17 May - 5 June 2013


The Fine Art Society Contemporary is delighted to announce the first major London solo exhibition for Chris Levine. 


“Chris Levine: Light” will act as a survey of Levine’s work to date, helping to contextualize the Queen and subsequent portraiture within his immersive light installations. These are not two modes of working, for Levine they are deeply interconnected and born from the cross-fertilization of disciplines including music, performance, installation, fashion, and design. Levine will also unveil new figurative work in which the next well-known subject is dramatically represented through the use of his distinctive visual language.


The exhibition will feature a range of media and light technology in the works including laser, LED, blipverts, lenticulars, lightboxes, photography, and his first silkscreens. The artist does not simply utilise existing materials and processes, he is a pioneer in this field, creating and adapting technology in the pursuit of the widest possible visual sensation.


Chris Levine’s Equanimity Presented to the National Portrait Gallery

3 May 2012


The National Portrait Gallery, London has been presented with “Equanimity,” the first ever holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, from the people of Jersey. The portrait, by artist Chris Levine and holographer Rob Munday, was commissioned in 2004 by the States of Jersey to celebrate the island’s 800-year relationship with the monarchy. The portrait will be on display as part of the Queen: Art and Image exhibition, opening at the Gallery on 17 May 2012.


The work given to the Gallery is a new, more technically refined version of the original “Equanimity,” created in 2004 and will be seen for the first time at the Gallery. This new portrait is a photographic, lenticular image that produces an illusion of spatial depth and movement. It is the product of two sittings with Queen Elizabeth II during which over 10,000 individual photographic images were made using a tracking camera. Computer technology was then used to process this visual information in order to produce the final portrait. The original version of “Equanimity” has already toured the National Gallery Complex, Edinburgh, National Museums Northern Ireland, Belfast, and National Museum Cardiff as part of “The Queen: Art and Image” exhibition. The exhibition also includes the work “Lightness of Being” by Levine, an image derived from the sittings for “Equanimity” which, unconventionally, depicts the monarch with closed eyes.


Grace Jones by Chris Levine at the Vinyl Factory

30th April - 14th May 2010


A unique collaboration between icon, Grace Jones, and groundbreaking light artist, Chris Levine, is to be shown to the public for the first time at The Vinyl Factory Gallery in Poland Street, London. These sensational portraits will go on show from 29th April 2010.


Chris Levine is a unique artist with a rare sensibility for the use of light. Renowned for his historic 3D and still images of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, he has now gone on to create a series of stunning 3D portraits of legend Grace Jones. Stillness at the Speed of Light will showcase the extraordinary alchemy between this iconic figure and the progressive artist.


A highlight of the exhibition will be a statement; a 3D image of Grace with her eyes shut, one of several ethereal, sensory portraits some of which are lit by laser. Grace’s great gift in identifying zeitgeist artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Paul Goude and Eiko Ishioka, continues with this new and exciting collaboration with Chris Levine, whilst demonstrating an evolution in portraiture.


This exceptional show will also be used to launch Grace’s new video “Love you to life,” which Chris Levine directed.