Molecule of Light at Noor Riyadh 2023

November 28, 2023


This week, Chris Levine will have the honour of unveiling his artwork Molecule of Light as an exhibiting artist for Noor Riyadh 2023: the largest light art festival in the world. In the third edition of this impressive showcase, this citywide spectacle promises to bathe Riyadh in a glow of large-scale light art, captivating building projections, performances, and beyond in five hubs across the city.


From November 30th to December 16th, viewers are invited to witness and interact with Levine’s larger-than-life sculpture which will be on display in An Noor Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of the festival.


While previously exhibited at Houghton Hall, Levine’s enhanced Molecule of Light for Noor Riyadh, incorporating its transducer sound beam speaker system and a site-specific laser program that interacts with the desert’s open space topography. Levine’s work pushes the boundaries of art and sound, engaging both the site and the viewer in a multisensory experience that widens the bandwidth of perception. The artist seeks to guide visitors into a transient meditative state that evokes positivity and a sense of well-being through the interplay of solfeggio sound and the pure frequencies of laser light.


With a meteorite positioned at its center, Molecule of Light will be configured to ley lines over the landscape of Wadi Hanifa, while external laser scanners synchronize with the planet’s rotation. The sphere emits sound signals on the solfeggio scale, modulating frequencies that can affect your bio-electric state, by being in correspondence with sacred geometry and the body’s chakras.