Chris Levine 2023 Studio Opening

September 26, 2023


On the occasion of this latest rehang at his London studio, Chris Levine has curated a selection of works, some of which will be made available to collectors for the first time.


From his internationally acclaimed portraits of iconic British figures to more recent pieces such as Stoned, recently highlighted in the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, and for which the RA have commissioned a poem inspired by the piece, the studio edit demonstrates the meditative and emotional power of Levine’s work.


The artist is currently developing art born out of the mysteries of Stonehenge. A new series of prints will be released via English Heritage on the winter Equinox in December. It’s widely believed, but little understood, that Stonehenge and other megalithic sites had an impact on human consciousness at particular times of the cosmic calendar and that somehow the stones amplified the flux fields of earth energy to benefit those who tuned into it. Continually redefining the boundaries of contemporary art, his work has become celebrated and recognised around the world.


We hope to see you at this special evening on Tuesday, September 26th. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at