Angel Presence

Danish Church, London
14th October - 17th October, 2015

Austrian crystal giant Swarovski teams up with long-term collaborator Chris Levine for their latest project unveiled this week to coincide with Frieze Art Fair. Taking over the Danish Church at London’s Regents Park, Swarovski invited the British artist to engage with their crystals to create a site-specific, dynamic piece of work.

‘Angel Presence’ consists of an RGB 10W-scanning laser, shot through a cluster of Swarovski crystals whose precision-cut facets multiply and refract light in a pattern that is infinitely changing. With this piece, the artist continues his exploration into the nature of light and its effect on our sense of being, using laser, crystal optics and peripheral imaging to create a magical play of light and colour inside the church.

A pure union of light and sound, the installation is both an enchanting experience and a celebration of the material’s versatility and abilities. ‘’Angel Presence’ take us powerfully into the Now,’ explain Levine, ‘creating a meditative state of heightened awareness. This will calm the mind – recalibrating and harmonising us with reality as it really is.’