Chris Levine’s portrait of British supermodel, Naomi Campbell, attempts to capture her in the most pure, meditative state. Similar to Levine’s depiction of Kate Moss, Campbell graces the frame with a sense of vulnerability and peace, while the simplicity of the backdrop leaves very little room for external distraction.


In Levine’s words, “Naomi has become such an icon but I wanted to strip back the fashion factor and tune into her essence. As with all my subjects, I took her to a place of stillness where an inner beauty comes to the surface.”


Levine’s decision to craft this portrait using lenticular technology creates an immersive, 3-D piece that encourages the viewer to take in Campbell’s presence in its entirety, while also challenging the norms of celebrity portraiture. 

Naomi Campbell (Dots), 2017

Giclée Print
594 x 420 mm
Edition of 25 + 4 AP