The “Cross Print” artworks are a selection of print works that featured in the “Inner (Deep) Space” exhibition.


Inner (Deep) Space is a multidimensional creative experience that brings together sounds, visuals, and technology. Within this piece, continuous rich tones of gently permutating frequencies created by Sacred Acoustics fill the room, like a devotional chant that focusses the mind. Music is a time-based art. But with these carefully modulated frequencies, like plainchant, overtone singing, musical drone, or the repetitive tempo of a shaman’s drum, the temporal aspect of the sound is diminished, and with it the sense of time passing: a trance of timeless space.

Cross Print 26, 2018
Cross Print 1, 2018
Cross Print 47, 2018
Cross Print 52, 2018
Cross Print 4, 2018
Cross Print 16, 2018
Cross Print 10, 2018
Cross Print 51, 2018
Cross Print 49, 2018
Cross Print 46, 2018