Chris Levine: Light at the Fine Art Society

17 May - 5 June 2013


The Fine Art Society Contemporary is delighted to announce the first major London solo exhibition for Chris Levine. 


“Chris Levine: Light” will act as a survey of Levine’s work to date, helping to contextualize the Queen and subsequent portraiture within his immersive light installations. These are not two modes of working, for Levine they are deeply interconnected and born from the cross-fertilization of disciplines including music, performance, installation, fashion, and design. Levine will also unveil new figurative work in which the next well-known subject is dramatically represented through the use of his distinctive visual language.


The exhibition will feature a range of media and light technology in the works including laser, LED, blipverts, lenticulars, lightboxes, photography, and his first silkscreens. The artist does not simply utilise existing materials and processes, he is a pioneer in this field, creating and adapting technology in the pursuit of the widest possible visual sensation.