Molecule of Light was a central focal point within Chris Levine’s major solo exhibition, 528 Hz Love Frequency, which debuted at Houghton Hall in 2021. Standing at 25 metres tall with a 6.5 ton ball at its core, Molecule of Light is a remarkable structure comprised of steel tube circles and coated with nine layers of UV-reactive paint. When standing directly beneath it, the sculpture emits a constant note, pitched at a frequency of 528 Hz, that is said to create a natural high within viewers. By using the geometry and configuration of the architecture and natural topography of Houghton Hall, the objective of the work is to draw the audience into a meditative state where light and sound harmonise with the forces of nature within and around us.


Steel Sculpture with Tranducer
Sound Beam, UV and Laser Elements

25 Meters

Edition of 3 + 1 AP